T-Slip Services | Print, Manage, and File T4 Slips in Calgary

Accurate payroll requires much more than simply sending out pay cheques. It is also about making sure you are in compliance with national tax law, and that you are correctly calculating many complex issues such as:

  • Taxes Withheld
  • Deductions
  • Bonuses and More

As part of our Payroll Services, we will also manage your T-Slips – the paperwork that must be filed with the CRA, as well as disseminated to your staff members so that they can file their taxes correctly.

T-Slips must be completed within a timely manner, and must be accurate for both you and your employee’s taxes. That is why it is often highly beneficial to hand your T4-Slip work to accounting experts that understand the details that go into this type of service.

You should be focused on your business, not its taxes. Let our T-Slip services, and all of our payroll support, help make sure that your company continues to be fully operational. Call us today at (347)460-5492 to learn more about these services and others, or to schedule a free consultation.