Personal Tax Planning in Calgary with Calgary Accounting Services

While many people wait until April 30th to file their personal taxes, those of a high net worth, those that are retired, and those that own their own business often benefit from personal tax planning. Rather than wait to be unpleasantly surprised when taxes are due, those that want to make sure that they are prepared for their financial needs benefit from thoroughly planning their taxes all throughout the year.

At Calgary Accounting, we provide personal tax planning services to individuals and families in the Greater Calgary area. We have several different services that are ideal for the modern Canadian family, including:

  • Personal Tax Planning and Advisory – Those of high net worth or with more complex taxes may benefit from personal tax planning and advisory services, which allow you to determine your estimated taxes well in advance, seek out potential deductions, manage charitable contributions, and more.
  • Sole Proprietor Tax Planning and Advisory – For the self employed and the small business owner, tax planning allows you to file accurate estimated taxes, and avoid the significant hassle of evaluating all of your paperwork by the tax time.
  • Financial and Retirement Planning – Those that are at retirement or near retirement may benefit from short and long term financial planning, especially with regards to tax planning and estate planning from a trained accountant.

Tax planning and preparation can have many benefits for individuals and families, especially those with more complex taxation issues. If you are interested in learning more about our personal tax planning services for those in and around Calgary, please call us today at (347)460-5492.