Sole Proprietor Tax Compliance in Calgary, AB, CA

As a self-employed individual or a sole proprietorship, your taxes can often be complicated. You are in charge of reporting business income, taxes, and more, all while trying to find deductions not only for your business – but for yourself as well.

Being a sole proprietor has its risks and advantages. You are entitled to more deductions for your business, but you are also required to send in more information and compile more documents than those under the employ of a corporation.

Let Calgary Accounting File Your Self-Employment Taxes

If you are a small business owner or sole proprietor that needs assistance with their taxes, contact Calgary Accounting today. We offer affordable personal tax and business tax solutions that allow us to:

  • Find you the greatest number of deductions.
  • Reduce your tax liability.
  • File the appropriate paperwork to prevent audit.

We can help you with Form T2125 – Statement of Business Activities, as well as assist you with complex deductions, such as claiming your home office as a write off, determining what constitutes a business expense, and figuring out the next steps for your business entity.

We have worked with internet marketers, therapists/psychologists, real estate agents, freelancers, and many other types of sole proprietors, and we have a thorough understanding of self-employment law. If you are in need of a partner for your sole proprietor tax compliance, please contact us today at (347)460-5492.