Personal Tax Preparation in Calgary, AB with Calgary Accounting

Every year, millions of Canadians are forced to think about their tax returns. It can be a laborious process with a considerable amount of confusion. How do you determine the correct deductions? What counts as income? How does my marriage or child affect my tax return?

Rather than try to determine these answers on your own, call Calgary Accounting today. We are proud to help individuals and families like yours file their tax returns accurately and efficiently, with expert feedback along the way so that you can receive the highest tax return possible.

Our Individual Tax Services

We provide a variety of services for individuals that are in need of help filing their tax returns. Our team stays up to date on the latest in tax law, which means we are able to figure out what deductions you can use and how to get the most from your return. Our personal accounting services include:

  • Personal Tax Returns – We’ll go through your information with you and figure out what deductions are available. We will also send in your tax return for you, so that you don’t have to worry about that part of the filing process.
  • Estate Planning and Trusts – The tax laws and issues regarding estates can be difficult to navigate. We’ll assist you with any questions or filings that need to take place as a result of estate planning and trusts.
  • Audit Assistance – If you are under audit and need a tax expert to help make sure that you are able to find all the correct document and reduce your tax liability, our skilled accountants can assist you with your audit filings.
  • Partnership Tax Compliance – Partnership taxes are often especially difficult to calculate and manage. Our team will make sure that your T5013 partnership files are filled out correctly and filed accordingly.
  • Sole Proprietor Tax Compliance – Entrepreneurs and those with sole proprietorships have to make sure they are filing both their business and personal taxes correctly. We’ll be there for you for each step of the process.

At Calgary Accounting, we have years of experience offering personal accounting services to those across Calgary, and many of the nearby cities, such as Chestermere. If you are in need of an experienced personal accountant that provides both expert guidance and a friendly atmosphere, please call us today at (347)460-5492.