GST Returns | Let Calgary Accounting Help You File Your Goods and Service Tax Returns

Although the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is now a standard business practice across Calgary and the rest of Canada, they can often be incredibly difficult to understand and manage – especially for small businesses without a dedicated accountant.

At Calgary Accounting, we help many businesses file their GST returns with the Canada Revenue Agency, and continuously educate ourselves on the latest in changes to the GST so that you are filing your taxes correctly.

Our GST Return Services

Our accounting team is ready to help you manage all of your GST Returns on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. We can also help answer some of the most difficult questions that often come up with filing the GST:

  • What is an Exempt Purchase?
  • What is Zero Rated Purchase?
  • When is a Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual Return Warranted?
  • What Input Tax Credits Are Involved?

These are the details that we handle for you. Our team fully understands not only the details of the GST, but the rules and obligations necessary to make sure that they are filed accurately.

Our Calgary Bookkeeping Services

For those that have struggled with filing the GST – or those that need help with all of their Calgary bookkeeping and accounting – contact Calgary Accounting today at (347)460-5492.