Personal Tax Returns in Calgary | Your Individual Tax Accountant

Everyone has to pay taxes. But no two tax returns are created equal. Whether you are employed, self-employed, married, retired, or simply have your own unique expenses and incomes that do not fit neatly into the traditional boxes, our team at Calgary Accounting is ready and able to assist you with any of your tax liabilities.

Calgary Tax Preparation from Calgary Accounting

Our team has helped hundreds of Calgary residents file accurate and complete individual tax returns. We can assist you with many of the common issues that make filing taxes individually a struggle, including:

  • Potential Deductions
  • Self-Employment
  • Estate Returns
  • Investment Returns
  • Caregiver Payroll
  • Overdue Taxes
  • Student Aid and More

Thoroughly trained in the latest in tax law, our personal tax accountants will do whatever it takes to save you as much as possible, while also filling out accurate returns that would stand up against audit.

In the event you are audited, we also offer audit assistance to help make sure that you are under as limited a liability as possible, and we’ll work with the Canadian Revenue Service when necessary to make sure your finances are taken care of.

Contact Calgary Accounting Today for Personal Tax Preparation

Every year you have to file tax returns. This year, let’s minimize the amount of stress that tax season can create. Call us today at (347)460-5492 to learn more about our personal tax filing services, or to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our accountants.