Corporate Tax Preparation in Calgary

Navigating the tax law for businesses both small and large can be an immense undertaking. Yet many companies do not have a trained and dedicated corporate tax accountant to help assist them in finding the correct deductions, managing expenses, and correctly compiling accurate information to send to the CRA. At Calgary Accounting, our corporate tax professionals can help prepare and submit your company’s taxes to CRA, and assist you with all of the complexities that make business taxes a challenge.

Our Corporate Tax Preparation Services

We provide a variety of services necessary for filing your taxes with the CRA. These include:

  • Entering and Analyzing Financial Statements, Balance Sheets, and More
  • Filing the GST and WSIB.
  • Filing T2 Returns, and Disseminating T-Slips as Needed

We can also provide you with both audit and dispute assistance, and we offer many additional corporate tax services as needed, including consultations, tax planning, deduction assistance, and more.

Our team works with many small businesses and medium/large corporations across Calgary, working as a dedicated accountant that is committed to your success. Contact us today at (347)460-5492 to schedule your first appointment with one of our corporate tax preparation professionals, or click below for more information about some of our individual services, including:

  • Information Returns, Installments, and Estimates
  • Audit Defense Assistance
  • Advise and Guidance on Tax Filing Positions