Payroll Services in Calgary from Calgary Accounting Services

Without an accountant on staff, managing payroll can be difficult. For both legal and ethical reasons, payroll needs to be paid out accurately and on time, as well as correctly logged in your accounting ledger. For many, payroll can be a time consuming task, and one where errors can be all too costly.

At Calgary Accounting services, we help small businesses, medium sized businesses, and large corporations manage their payroll needs. Our team provides a variety of payroll services to Alberta based businesses, including:

  • Payroll Calculations and Submissions – We will determine the correct amount of salary to pay out to each employee, and make sure to account for any submissions that may affect the total payment.
  • Pay Cheque Runs – We’ll process all cheques, making sure to note the payments in your accounting system and make sure that each one is ready to be handed out or mailed to employees.
  • T-Slips – We will also process and send out T-slips to the employee and the Canada Revenue Agency. Our commitment to accuracy and detail will help us ensure that your employees have all of the information they need to file their taxes correctly.

Based in Calgary, AB we provide payroll services to many of Canada’s top businesses, and accurately manage payroll for those companies that need assistance. If you are interested in learning more about our payroll services, please give us a call today at (347)460-5492. We are happy to share more information about our accounting services, or provide you with a free consultation.